Morning and Afternoon Tea Menus

Mixed Cake Box (24 pieces)
Assorted cakes including Chocolate; Orange poppy seed; Banana; Carrot; Lemon;
Flavours may vary

Mixed Pastry Box (24 pieces)
Assorted cocktail Danish; Mini Tarts

Mixed Muffin Box (24 small muffins)
Assorted flavours; Chocolate, Apple cinnamon, Banana, Blueberry,
Raspberry; flavours may vary

Assorted Bite Size Slices (30 pieces)
Chocolate fudge, Coconut, Caramel, Pecan,
White chocolate and Raspberry, Cherry ripe, Apricot
(flavours may vary)

Assorted Cookie Box (30 pieces)
Flavours including chocolate and Anzac and more

Savoury Muffin Box (24 pieces)
Includes vegetarian options

Breakfast Platter served hot (30 pieces)
Mini quiche, Mini frittatas and Cheese and spinach pastries
(20 pieces – $65.00)

Fruit Platter
serves up to 10 $60;
serves 15-20 $80;
serves up to 25 $110
Seasonal fruits including water melon, rock melon, honey dew, pineapple,
kiwi fruit, grapes and strawberries, may vary.

Cheese Platter
serves up to 15 – 25
Selection of cheese including brie, dutch smoked, vintage cheddar, cracked pepper and
blue vein, (selections may vary), dried fruit, figs, assorted crackers, cheese twists and grapes.

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Prices include GST.
Minimum order $200.00
Delivery fee applies for more than 5kms and if tolls apply.